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About addon

Learn how a personalized
nutrition plan from addon can help you!

Your Personal Nutrition Assistant

At addon, we created a software technology that generates an on-demand evidence-based personalized nutrition plan for everyone with a history of cancer or a high risk for cancer. We provide a list of recommended natural foods and supplements with a scientific explanation for the ones to avoid. Your personalized nutrition plan will help with finding the right foods to complement your doctor-prescribed treatment rather than interfere with it. For cancer patients receiving comfort care, a personalized nutrition plan will help answer the question of “What should I eat?”.

Think of addon as your Personal Nutrition Assistant who analyzes hundreds-of-thousands of peer-reviewed medical literature just for you.


For those who are undergoing doctor-prescribed cancer treatment and interested in complementing their diet with nutrition that avoids interactions and may augment treatment.


For those who have completed cancer treatment and are in recovery looking to reduce chances of relapse.


For those who have an identified cancer risk because of family history and genetics or lifestyle habits like smoking and alcohol.


For patients in supportive care who cannot continue treatment due to side-effects and interested in nutrition to improve quality of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and educate cancer patients and caregivers about their nutritional choices. Our vision is for cancer patients to use the same level of science in choosing cancer treatment as when they choose nutrition in the kitchen.

Our Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team of clinical oncologists, biomedical scientists, nutritionists and software engineers with decades of experience in cancer research, cancer genomics, designing and implementing data-driven software technology for the cancer clinic, and personalizing nutrition. Our team has come together to answer one of the most common questions asked in the cancer clinic, “What should I eat?”.


Improvement with adding Vitamin E in Ovarian Cancer treatment


Improvement with adding Genistein in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer treatment


Improvement with adding Curcumin in Colorectal Cancer treatment


Improvement with adding Vitamin C in Acute Myeloid Leukemia treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What is the addon personalized nutrition product?

The addon personalized nutrition product is an analysis report providing recommendations on food and supplement options based on your cancer, treatment status, lifestyle and other factors.

The report contains:

  • Personalized meal plan with explanations
  • A list of recommended foods that you can use to decide meals based on your taste
  • Nutritional supplements to avoid and reasons why
  • Nutritional supplements which can help you with explanations
  • Micronutrient requirements based on your cancer context and treatment and recommendations of foods and supplements to replenish these micronutrients
  • Daily minimum calorie guidance

The report will be emailed to you with all the information listed above.  This report should assist you or your caregiver in providing the most optimal nutrition that can enhance your wellbeing during the very difficult cancer journey.

Who will benefit from addon’s personalized nutrition plans?

addon’s Personalized Nutrition Plans are designed for:

a. Cancer patients

  1. who are undergoing doctor-prescribed cancer treatment
  2. who have completed treatment
  3. who are in supportive care

b. People who are at genetic risk of cancer

c. People with a family history of cancer

Our service includes providing a comprehensive list of recommended foods and supplements compatible and personalized to your cancer context along with a 7-day sample meal plan, with recipes containing the recommended food options. Also included in this analysis is a list of not-recommended nutritional supplements to be avoided. We provide scientific explanations for our nutrition recommendations detailing the bioactive ingredients and their effect on cancer pathways, based on scientific peer-reviewed literature. This is a scientific data driven analysis report. We do not provide nutritional supplements. For the recommended nutritional supplements, we do provide a list of vendors for purchasing the supplements matched to your plan.

What information is needed to get started?

For designing a personalized nutrition plan for patients who are on cancer treatment, at minimum the cancer diagnosis, name(s) of chemotherapy / cancer treatments and/or any other prescribed medications list are required for getting started. For further customization, a list of natural supplements or vitamins, known allergies to foods or medicines, age, gender and lifestyle factors will be useful.

For designing a personalized nutrition plan for those who are at genetic risk of cancer, the list of pathogenic mutations detected is required for getting started. The product may be further customized for your age, gender, drinking/smoking habits, height, and weight details.

If you do not have genetic test results, but have a family history of cancer, addon’s personalized nutrition plan can still be provided based on the cancer type and lifestyle factors.

Does the analysis cost include the supplements? Which foods and supplements are evaluated to design my personalized nutrition plan?

The analysis cost does not include the nutritional supplements. Your personalized nutrition plan is delivered as a digital report which includes the list of foods and supplements that are molecularly matched for your condition and spells out which ones to avoid. The report also provides a sample 7-day meal plan with recipes of recommended foods and also provides scientific explanations for the recommendations.

addon does not make or sell the nutritional supplements, but the personalized nutrition plan will list examples of online stores from where the recommended supplements can be bought. addon does not receive any commission as a referrer of traffic to these online stores. There are no refills since addon does not provide the supplements.

To view the list of food items and nutritional supplements evaluated for designing your nutrition plan, please refer to the link below.

Without genetic test results to determine cancer risk, can I still get a personalized nutrition plan?

Yes, you can still get a personalized nutrition plan without a genetic test. If you do not have genetic test results but have a family history of cancer, addon’s personalized nutrition plan can still be provided based on the cancer type and lifestyle factors. At this stage, the personalized nutrition recommendations will be preventative to reduce cancer risk.

There are many different genetic testing companies that will assess your genetic risk based on saliva or blood samples. Please consult with your healthcare and insurance providers to get details on the tests that are covered in your plan

Check this page out for a list of acceptable tests.

Where do I buy the recommended supplements?

Your personalized nutrition plan will include a shopping list of nutrition elements and recommended dosing information. Using that information, individual nutritional supplements can be bought from online and storefront retailers. Look for quality certifications like GMP, NSF and USP. Based on our research, we provide a list of qualified suppliers for the recommended supplements in your personalized nutrition plan. You may choose to buy the supplements from these online stores by clicking on their URL links provided in the digital plan. addon does not have any business relationship with any food and supplement vendors. We do not receive any commission as a referrer of traffic to these supplement vendors.

Will the cost of this analysis be reimbursed by insurance companies?

The cost of this analysis is generally not covered by insurance companies. However, your personalized nutrition report will include a scientific rationale for the recommended supplements based on scientific peer-reviewed literature that can be submitted to your insurance company for medical necessity coverage claims. All correspondence between patients and their insurance companies are the responsibility of the patients.

How can I track my order? How is the order delivered?

Once your order is submitted, your personalized nutrition plan will be emailed to you within 1-2 days.

If your report has not been delivered within 2 days or you have any problems with your report, please feel free to contact us at with your order id to get the issue sorted.

Will my personal information be kept confidential ?

Yes, your personal information will be kept confidential.

We use your personal information (such as name, phone number, and email address) only to provide and administer our products and services.

What exactly will I get from addon's personalized nutrition technology?

You will receive an analysis report that contains a personalized list of foods and nutritional supplements that are compatible with your cancer context, and if on-treatment, with your doctor-prescribed cancer treatment. The report also shows in scientific detail the molecular pathways in which the natural foods and nutrition elements work based on peer-reviewed scientific literature. We provide sample meal plans based on your food recommendations taking into account the details of micronutrient and caloric requirements. This report will be emailed to you for your records and for you to share with your doctors or nutritionists, if you wish.

To view the list of food items and nutritional supplements evaluated for designing your nutrition plan, please refer to the link below.


What is the cost of generating personalized nutrition for cancer and how long will it take?

For your nutrition plan with a complete list of foods and nutritional supplements, including a 7-day sample meal plan option based on the recommended foods along with recipes, dosing information for the recommended nutritional supplements, list of not-recommended supplements to avoid, scientific explanations based on peer-reviewed scientific literature and recommendations for vendors, the cost is only .

Your Personalized Nutrition Plan will be emailed to you within 1-2 days following the receipt of payment and necessary information needed for processing the order. The maximal time for report delivery in complex cases can be up to 2 days.

Once I have completed my chemotherapy, will I continue with the same food and supplements or should I get a new personalized nutrition?

The personalized nutrition plan is specific to your cancer context and designed to match your cancer type and chemotherapy treatment. Any change in stage of disease or treatment will require a new addon customization. If there are no changes in these factors, the same nutrition plan can be continued.

After finishing my chemotherapy treatment, is there any value in taking natural supplements?

Yes, there is value in taking the right nutrition and supplements after finishing your cancer treatment. The right nutrition can not only help with healing the body and recovering the strength and immunity after the cancer therapies, but it can also help reduce the chances of cancer recurrence.

I am diagnosed with cancer, but haven't done a tumor sequencing test. Can I get a personalized nutrition plan?

Yes, we can create your personalized nutrition plan without this information.  We incorporate the cancer genomics for your specific cancer type from data available in the public domain for determining the molecular characteristics of your cancer.

My genetic risk test has reported a cancer risk gene. Can you create a personalized nutrition plan for me based on this information?

Yes. addon’s personalized nutrition plan for those who are at genetic risk of cancer will require the details on the cancer risk gene mutations identified in the genetic testing for processing the order.  For those individuals who have had other close family members with cancer could also get a personalized nutrition plan without a genetic test, based on the familial cancer type, to reduce the risk of cancer occurrence.

Can I discuss the designed plan with my doctor?

The customized product includes the list of food items and supplements to take and avoid along with the dosing recommendations. The report also provides scientific explanations and references to peer-reviewed medical literature that can be shared with your doctor. Our team clinicians are happy to speak with your doctor and ask that they contact us directly at quoting the order id provided in your report.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my order?

Yes. To cancel your order, email us at any time before the product is delivered stating the reason for cancellation. Refunds will not be made if the order is canceled after the plan is delivered. Transaction fees will not be refunded on canceled orders.