Innovative Automation Technology

Nutrition Personalization for Cancer is a multidisciplinary team of Oncologists, Biomedical scientists, Nutritionists, and Software Engineers who have automated the creation of personalized nutrition plans for cancer patients. is founded by Dr. Chris Cogle, a cancer physician and professor at The University of Florida.

Our Achievements

Since 2019 here is our 4 years of service!

7.5 Million visitors

2 Million average visitors per year


25,000 views of example nutrition personalization

5,000+ onboarding

5,000 completed onboarding

Benefits for Nutritionists

  • Access to nutrition personalization technology.
  • Opportunity to offer cancer-specialized nutrition solutions and enhance your brand.
  • Value added service for your clients.
  • Q&A support channel access to cancer experts.
  • FREE Nutrition planning for your first 3 clients.

How it works

The addon personalized nutrition plan is 100% actionable, easy to operate, time-saving, and does not require you to do any cancer research.

  • Become our partner
  • Do client consultations to collect specific information.
  • Complete the online onboarding process.
  • Get digitally a ready-to-use co-branded client personalized nutrition plan.
  • Provide consultation and guidance to the client to adopt the nutrition plan.

Join our Mission

Our mission is to enable every cancer patient and caregiver to have a trusted nutrition partner at their side to guide them to answer the question What Food and supplements to eat and avoid for cancer?

We see a world where all cancer patients and caregivers are empowered with the scientific information needed to make the right nutrition decisions.