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Our Customer Stories


I was diagnosed with breast cancer and treated with chemotherapy. Besides my doctor prescribed treatment – I wanted to change my nutrition that would help in lowering my estrogen levels. Nutrition planning by addon considered my ongoing treatment, genomics of my breast cancer and my lifestyle to give me different foods and supplement options along with explanations. I found this of tremendous value because the majority of supplements and foods were unknown to me and I could never have interpreted the hundreds of research papers needed to piece the information together.

Software Engineer and Educator, Michigan, US


My doctor recommended radiation along with chemotherapy to shrink my tumor prior to surgery. Quality of life was important for me. After my treatment – I made many lifestyle changes along with diet changes. Nutrition planning by addon identified wheatgrass juice and other foods and nutritional supplements which would benefit me. My ‘What to Eat?” question and anxiety was addressed by addon.

Nutritionist Program Director, Riverside University Health System.


For me cancer was a matter of life and death. I am a firm believer that what we eat matters and can either help or hurt along with the doctor’s treatment plan. I used nutrition planning by addon with my prostate cancer treatment. My clinical cancer markers were down in 3 months and once my treatment was over – I again modified my diet using addon nutrition planning.

Financial Professional, California, US.